International Mission

‘And you will be my witnesses… to the ends of the earth.’

Acts 1:8

Our purpose is to worship and witness, some of us go and some of us send but we are all called to spread the Good News. People everywhere are waiting to hear about Jesus, whilst we do mission across the world we also do mission right here in Kirkham and Wesham. To see what’s coming up near you and for details of our home mission visit our ‘what’s on’ page. Below is some of the work of our church internationally.

Our work in Ethiopia

The ministry is based in Addis Ababa. We work with Pastor Eschetu Worike of the Rhema Gospel Church. Money is provided to cloth, house and school street children. This mission was set up in 2000 after a visit to Ethiopia by a church member, Paul Lloyd, and his concern for the many children living on the streets of the capital. Paul leads teams to visit every two years, looking at the work and what next needs to be done as well as visiting and preaching in the Rhema Gospel churches. Last year church members Emma Nickson, Joshua Hogarth and charity trustee Frank Andrews visited.

Children supported by the Ethiopian Children's Ministry
Children supported by the Ethiopian Children’s Ministry

The Ethiopian Children’s Ministry

Originally set up by Paul Lloyd and Mike Burke under the auspices of South Fylde Community church. The charity became part of Light church in 2007. The money for the ministry is provided by individuals who donate a regular monthly amount via standing order and then every two months the money is sent out to Ethiopia. ‘One-off’ donations are also accepted. If you are interested in regular giving please contact the charity treasurer, John Davey, at johndavey@blueyonder.co.uk.  You can also donate via our donations link below.

Chairperson: Emma Nickson // Treasurer: John Davey // Trustees: Frank Andrews and Paul Lloyd

Our work in Tanzania

The ministry was established in 2006 after a visit by John Davey and Andrew Belshaw. It is based in Tanzania’s second largest city, the city of Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria. We are based in the suburb of Nyasaka and support an educational ministry to the Masai tribesmen who arrive in Mwanza looking for work to help their families. Often they have trekked from the Serengeti (200 miles away) to get there. We teach them to read and write in Swahili so they can fill in a job application form and find work. This also allows them to read the Bible and some of the Masai have given their lives to Jesus. Over 650 Masai men and women have been helped by the ministry since we built a classroom and employed 2 teachers to teach them in 2009. Samuel Wilonga runs the ministry for us.

We also support the Independent Bible Fellowship Church of Tanzania (IBFCT) which was set up by James Shija and Joseph Marwa in 2008. James is the leader of the denomination and they are looking to establish it nationally as a non-tribal denomination. The visiting team in 2006 found many issues with tribalism in churches and felt this new denomination was the best way forward. Currently there are 18 churches in the denomination, with 5 new churches being planted in the last year. We have constructed three churches and are looking to build more, as well as providing money to train pastors and send them to Bible College.

In addition to this we support a nursery school on the Nyasaka site and employ one of the two teachers in the school with the Nyasaka church.

We are planning our next Missions trip to Tanzania in June 2018. We will look at what the needs of the current ministry are, spend time with the Masai and visit the congregations of IBFCT, provide support and materials for the nursery school, and dedicate any new church buildings.

Meet some of the team

Pastor James Shija Senior Pastor

James is the pastor of the IBFCT Nyasaka church. He was elected as leader of the Independent Bible Fellowship Church of Tanzania in 2016 and will serve a five year term until 2020. He is a graduate of Nassa Theological College and is married to Regina and they have four boys. Finally, James helps with the Masai ministry and is the main contact for enquiries about the work in Tanzania.

Samuel Wilonga
Associate Pastor

Samuel is one of our teachers in the Masai ministry, having worked in that area for the last five years. He is also assistant pastor to the IBFCT Nyasaka church. He completed his Bible College studies in November 2017 with our financial support and he got married in May 2017.

Peter Yohana
Bible Student

Peter is a Masai who has worked as a youth leader and in the worship team at Nyasaka. He is currently studying full time at the East Africa Bible College near his home town of Arusha in northern Tanzania. After completing his studies in June 2018 he will be involved in youth work and evangelism for the Nyasaka church.

John Lawi
Administrator/Church Planter

John is currently the church administrator at Nyasaka. He helps to run the church’s Love In Action programme which is a social action programme that provides clothing to those who need it in the poorer country areas. He is also an evangelist and is currently looking to plant churches in the Mwanza district.

How can you help?

You can help by donating money to either of the works in Ethiopia or Tanzania or become a regular giver to the ministry in Ethiopia. Also, you can donate items to sell through the Missions Table Top Sale for the ministry in Tanzania. Ultimately you can go on a Missions trip to either country.

Contact our Head of Missions John Davey on johndavey@blueyonder.co.uk.